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UPRIGHT Cruising Comfort for all!

Updated: Apr 12

Bikes have varying geometry. Like if you're racing the Tour de France or bombing down a hill, your bike will be set up with an aggressive geometry. But if you're not doing extreme sports, you probably like a more upright geometry. Upright geometry keeps it easier on your upper body, including your neck, shoulders, core, and, well, everything that would be associated with leaning forward. The Sun Solstice 7 speed bike comes in different frame sizes for different heights. At the moment we have some sizes for taller riders. Also, these 7 speed beach cruisers are smooth riding and extremely comfortable. With comfortable seats, these bikes are ready to rock and roll for summer adventure trips, chill exercise, or just getting around. All the bikes in this photo have wide tires as well, which will give you a lot of balance points and sure footed capability. They all have kickstands and water bottle holders. Each can be customized with racks and fenders if you so choose. Some fender sets may have to be to special ordered while many other accessories are in stock.

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