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Ready To Go BMX Bikes

At a great price, a great BMX bike is highly achievable. The BMX bikes we stock are closer to full professional set ups than department store bikes, and can be upgraded and customized as you progress through the sport. BMX bikes are a great option for freestyle riding and neighborhood durability. If you're a parent with a teenager you may think these bikes look a little juvenile, but BMX is not like the tour de france. It's common to stand up an pedal the entire time. It's also great for kids who are going to throw their bike down or just be generally rough with it, because there aren't any gears or derailleurs to get bent up. BMX bikes are designed for ramping and crazy aerobatics, so they accept a moderate amount of abuse. They're not completley indestructible and will need maintained now and again, but hey, that's what we're here for. BMX is safe and dangerous at the same time, so make sure you or your loved ones aren't riding above their skill level, are wearing protective gear, and are following general traffic laws. If you want something faster than a standard free style bike, a BMX race bike with some manly gearing is a great option. BMX can be done in your driveway or on your sidewalk, and really is about creativity more than conformity. Also, there are many parks scattered around the state, country and world where you can ride a BMX bike. Yes that's right, BMX is like a sport, an art form, and a karate chopping squirrel all in one.

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