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We make our own bikes.

It's important to be accurate though. We're nearly there. You may or may not have been following this story but it's been in the making for awhile. As I have said many times, it's always been a goal to make our own bikes even though it took awhile to get there. But our working model has been made and now it's a time for testing and refinement. While some tests have been completed others are needed. Luckily we have been on the bicycle ride for awhile now and are able to draw on a cosmic scale of experiences which including what does and doesn't work. We gearing up to make more of these bikes and realistically our market availability date should be May 1st, 2023 AD. As the narrator of this terribly written informative piece and the person who is building the bicycles, I want to state, our bike is not meant to be the next new thing. Our bike isn't here to revolutionize everything from the way the bike was designed and manufactured to the way it's ridden. With that said, we did make several improvements that will dramatically change a lot of things, and those things are all a benefit to you the rider. I would love to go into details but I've got a history of talking too much. I can make you, the person who is interested in supporting a semi independent smallest of small business a promise. And the promise is that I care about what I'm doing. I care about quality, I care about honest and fair business practices. With the cares I've just stated know that I am excited about what we have going on. As I write this I kind of have a bad head ache and know some of my grammar and spelling could be wrong so forgive my mortal sin and also I have another condition where I'm refusing to go back and read it and edit it because I have other things I want to do today. Peace.

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