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Well when we took out a large swath of wall to combine two rooms together we found this crumpled up in the wall. It was pretty surprising and there are some other pieces I haven't opened, but this is a columbus dispatch from like September 17th 1950. It's weird to read it and realize somethings are the same and something are gone and overwith. Anyway, there's some neat bicycles on the front page so that's a cool thing, just goes to show you biking is nothing new or outdated, it's just a part of life. Here at the shop we've made a lot of improvements to our inventory, we have a decent selection of Women's bike path hybrids as well as Men's bikes in a vareity of styles. We even have a few random used bikes and a lot of new BMX Bikes, some at great prices. If you want to have your bike ready for the good weather days don't wait, riding this time of the year can be great so make sure you're bike is working for when the weather is nice.

Here is a sneak photo of 003, the JAB. JAB will be the 3rd bike we've produced and I can say we're coming a long way. As with any startup there will be things to learn and that's really the fun and the purpose of doing it. It would be nice to hang out at a 7eleven all day and drink slurpies but personally it's just not what we got going on.

Frame production came to a halt in April of '23 because demand for Bike Repair became a thing. It's a thing in general, but after winter it's always a werid time. Anyway, any freetime over the summer was used to make changes in the build process with aims of 003 being a fine sellable unit.

Realistically there were a lot of things that had to be changed from 001 and 002 and there were still some unknowns with this model, however, this one is very close to the mark and it seems like only one issue needs addressed. 003 will also provide in oppurtunity for more welding experience and finishing techniques. 003 will be the last model to have the current seat post size as the out of house made seat post cannot seem to hold up. Over all it's exciting to wrap this model up, see how it rides and move on to the next one.

The weirdest thing is moving on to the next one, but that's how it goes and that's what it is. At the end of the day the science that makes Aluminium bike frames is crazy.

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