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Ride a little, Ride a lot, Don't stop Riding

BMX has it's roots in the early 1970's or so, kids were taking bikes and racing them like motorcycles and then there was like this free style revolution where people were learning to evil knievel the bikes and then do it in fashion. BMX is a part of life and the racing aspect is now an olympic sport. It's neat and in today's world some people are up to crazy gymnastic manuevers and unthinkable heights and speeds. But for most people, just riding is super fun. It can be riding around town, it can be riding smaller jumps it can be however you want to do it. That's always been the neat thing to me. Ride the bike how you want. Freestyle. So if you'e a younger person, don't worry that you weren't a child prodigy of bicycle riding, if you want to ride a bike, ride a bike and have fun. If you like riding and don't like riding a certain way, that's fine, do what makes you happy. Bike riding in the freestyle manner can be corrupted, people may think you need to acieve certain things and get our of your comfort zones, I would just say "freestyle" to that. If you're scared you'll get hurt doing something really big, that's fine, you don't have to conquer that fear. If you like riding smaller things, that's fine. And, if you like going big and pushing new heights that's fine too, it's all fine.

This bike is like a bigger bmx bike, called a Dirt Jumper, you may or not already know what that is. But these bikes do the same kinds of things. I think one thing about riding and bike riding in general has always been about diversity, but not diversity in the way of like gender and skin color, but like you're an individual and you're uniqueness is cool. Sometimes in the world, and the world that is sometimes shoved down ou thoats we're supposed to believe we're all supposed to ride a trendy roller coaster of buying a hot pocket, a new tumbler and a new wireless blender controlled by your phone. While there will always be common ground amoung people, it's neat to just get out there and do things and again bicycles are a part of life. You might put a unicorn sticker on your bike and I might put a picture of the moon on mine. You might want your bike to be purple and black and I might want to spray paint mine. You can even get kits to give your bike a look.

There's tons of footage on the internet of other people riding bikes and I'm here to tell you you can get a bike and ride it however you want and still be accepted by other people who ride a bike. 

Now this doesn't mean you need to be a rebel without a cause or a dick of a person, it just means bike riding can put a smile on your face so do it, and do it how you like and don't worry about fitting in. 

The most fun thing about biking to me is the traveling and the meeting people. And when you're traveling around riding bikes and meeting other people that ride bikes it's fun, because we're all there to ride bikes and have fun. 

There's a whole world outside your cellphones scrolling horror show, so get out there and experience it. And don't worry about the story the digital world is wrapped up in. Turn that off. 

There are people out there, there are places to go and thigns to see, don't try and experience the world from a cell phone. 

Right here in Ohio you can start, there are small towns all over the state that have places you can go and ride bikes and meet new people, there is indoor riding availible, there are different styles of riding. I think BMX is great. 

Get motivated, get a car, go somewhere and do something just to freaking do it. And be safe, be kind and just tune out all the noise.

Punk Rock, Hard Rock, Pop Rock, Rock and ROLL!

Back in the day when your did your internet blog you had basic emojis and a section to give it a feel, so here, here is the music I wanted to rock out to after riding an indoor park yesterday.

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