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Pure Cycles Summer Celebration Sale!

Updated: Apr 6

Spring is springing and this summer is shaping up for some fun in the sun! Bicycles are great for exercise, commuting, relaxation, and family OR alone time. If you don't have a bicycle, it's a great time to consider the Pure Cycles City Bike. This bike has great geometry and versatility. You'll sit fairly upright, have a bell, fenders, a rack, and 8 speeds to get you where you're going. This bike is of good quality, so you'll get plenty of maintenance free operation out of it. Cycling with this bike can be quite comfortable, and you can customize it however you'd like. Your adventure is up to you. You could travel around some city or town on your bike and visit little bars and restaurants, or to a beach to tan an swim. You could think of a bike as a camping accessory, and the city, town, village or park as the campground. Or you could use it at a campground.

Riding bikes, touring, and other such adventures are an inspirational way to break the mold of our day to day lives, and enjoy a simpler time. You can check out the Pure Cycles website here. Stop by for a test ride, and just maybe receive the "you're a great person who wants to ride a bike" super sale price!

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