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Old Ideas, New Ideas, Ideas

Sometimes when we think of bicycles and technology and the future we get all caught up. We can get all caught up in something like, 'well, this bike is similar to ones they rode in the 1950's so it's silly and outdated'. Personally as someone who's been around bicycles their entire life this is a thought that I have had, especially about "beach cruisers". It's easy to look at a beach cruiser and think there's no way that's a practical choice for a bike, because that's what 'they' did in the past and back then they weren't human, they were dinosaurs and dinosaurs don't know anything about bikes. But I and others have experienced that the cruiser style bikes are very practical. First, they ride great. It may be hard to understand but they're very low stress. When you're riding them they're very stable, you're very stable and you really never have the feeling that at any second something could go wrong. Yeah it's totally weird to think that some ancient people could think correctly but it's true. Here's another ridiculous story, my kid is 10 and has ridden all kinds of bicycles, and without influence started riding a beach cruiser and was so pleased with the cruiser that he spent a respectable amount of time trying to figure out how to finance the purchase of a beach cruiser. With that said the main point, I think, is that cruisers are exactly what some people are looking for even though they may think they need some futuristic bike that rides itself so they can just stay in the house forever.

Yes, despite looking old fashioned this bike is excellent for riding. Also, our bikes are different than other bikes, so what that means is that this bike and a bike you found for 89 dollars off of some global thrift store website app thing are not equal. Sorry, not sorry.

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