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Making Our Own Bikes Update

Well it's been an adventure so far, hours and hours of study and science and contimplating. I don't know why this app doesn't have spell check. I think they want you to pay for it. Anyway, this is the 3rd bike we've produced. It's closer to being a finished product than the other two. There's been a ton to learn. I took me a few tries to get some of the math wrong and then after building 2 I realized the jig needed to be remade because there were struggles that it caused.

Another big redesign was the part that holds the rear wheel. It almost was redesigned correctly but there were a couple of refinements that can be made with it. There will also be a desgin change on 004. This should improve a an area that is insuffcient and an area that is ugly. I kinda wish I could ride this one myself as it seems like it would be a blast. I mean, I personally ride 002 and like it but this one got 700c wheels and 700x50 tires, so it should be pretty sweet.

This bike was supposed to have an fm radio but I must have did the soldering incorrect on the radio circuit board board so I'll have to try again. Everytime a bike is built more is learned and ideas are made. I think this model could be sold but there are some things about it, so it would have to be sold as a used bike as is, with the idea we're not going to just rip you off. But even as I type this out theres a few things I want to review on it just to make sure.

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