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Indoor Bike Trainers

I love autumn. Cooler weather, apple cider, and fun at pumpkin farms. But it also means that winter is coming, and if you're a fair weather cyclist, that's a bit of a bummer.

In steps an indoor bicycle trainer.

Now, I know it's not the same. No wind in your hair, no beautiful views, no companions to banter with, but stick with me for a bit.

As far as health benefits go, such as better sleep, mental clarity and stability, and improved lung function, indoor cycling still provides all of these.

But best of all, IMO, indoor cycling can offer some serious improvements to your training data. When you don't have to stop for a pedestrian or redlight, or shake your fist at the car that just buzzed you, you can really concentrate on your ride. When you don't even have to look up, you can really push yourself to make new personal records. Many trainers even come equipped with the technology to monitor speed, distance, power output, and heart rate. There are also virtual cycling platforms, like Rouvy and Zwift, that provide different training programs and immersive experiences that simulate rides in famous places or the dynamics or riding in a peloton.

Overall, even though nothing is as fun as rolling down a hill and hearing the pavement, dirt, or gravel under your tires, you can get an impressively effective work out from an indoor trainer session. And effective work outs equal impressive output next spring, when you're whipping up on your friends or simply flying down the street.

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