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Get back in the saddle, with a new one!

Yes, bicycle seats are also called saddles. Because, well, they used to look like this thing over here - - - ->


I digress.

Now that we've got rubber tires and chain drives, bike seats look very different, but aren't always very comfortable. This the most common reason people find themselves in the market for new a bike seat. But, with all the choices, where does one start? Right here!

The most important thing to look at is your position while riding your bike. Wider isn't always better, but the more upright the geometry of your bike, the wider you can go without causing irritation on your inner legs. So for road bikes or mountain bikes, where your weight is more forward and over the handle bars, something more narrow that wont get in the way of your vicious pedaling would likely work out better. A wider saddle is great on a comfort bike or beach cruiser, when your pedaling more leisurely, sitting upright and, possibly looking around.

I'd also like to say that I've found that more padding doesn't always mean more comfort. While padding is awesome, don't get me wrong, I've found that for a my road bike, I prefer something that flexes more than is padded. When the saddle actually moves with your pedal stroke it lessens the feeling of beat up butt cheeks, as you're no longer pushing them into something stiff and immovable every few seconds.

When it really comes down to which seat to chose, it's preference. And, it's a bike, not a lazy boy, so there's only so much awesome even the comfiest seat can provide. But I believe looking at your bike's geometry and the saddle's flexibility should get you off to a good start of finding the right seat for yourself.

We've got a full wall of of saddles to choose from, so stop by and lets make cycling comfy again! Or, at least, more comfy than it was with your old seat.

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