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Don't be a dork, get ABike

I'm working on my old school marketing. I mean, I understood how to do social media because I used to watch a lot of tv when I wasn't doing anything so going on social was easy for me and it grew and it grew and now everyone does it so it's time to do something else. If it matters to you at all I haven't been on social media for a few years and if I randomly go back and see what some influencer is doing it's typically the same thing they were doing 3 years ago. Nothings changed. It used to be for a long time you would look at paper, pretty casually and see if anything was there you wanted to read and then you watch the news but shows were probably your thing and the point is that you got updates, you weren't attached to updates but now with social media a lot of people are stuck getting updated with the same update every five minutes. Anyway, so I'm trying to make bikes and a bike company, and I'm not just going to go over seas get some established factory to work for me and then take a few photos of chicks in spandex and say I did something great. Yeah, I'm actually trying to build something. I'm taking the time to learn the science and all that stuff and hopefully one day scale it up to employ people. It would be a lot easier to put in a purchase order and pretend I did something but again just not what I'm going for. I have a lot of ideas and a lot of things I want to set in motion and I'm getting closer to getting there. Everytime I build a bike I learn more and I'm getting pretty confident that soon I will have the best bikes. And even if the bikes are just equal that's fine. But after being in the bike world for 19 years and having a lot of time spent riding bikes to their limits and traveling with bikes there's a lot of things I want to do that will provide for a better overall experience. Don't let this fool you, I'm not reinventing the wheel or anything or trying to fool you telling you I reinvented the wheel when all I did was make crawler tracks. I think the main change will be that I'm not constrained by having to convince a global factory what I want to do. I'm not stuck thinking old things are new and new things are sliced bread. Speaking of bread did you know in the industry they commonly call you bread and butter. They have a term, bread and butter bikes, and I guess they're for bread and butter consumers. But here at Three Sixty Bike Shop and our new brand Abike we just think your a person who likes to ride bikes and we want to help you do that because we're also people who like to ride bikes. This article and many of it's ideas will be stolen by some lame pos that can't do anything by themselves, they might even steal the brand name and more, but I don't care about that person. It is what it is. So the bike pictured below is 003, also known as the JAB. It's kinda funny how it all worked out but the name of the brand is Abike because my name is Anson and as of now I'm the one making the bikes, but also, over the years, I meet so many people who "just want a bike". And that's totally what I'm into. I appreciate fine quality and technology but I like the idea of a standard working product that is good and not mind numbmingly sophisticated or expensive. The model is called the JAB and that stand for "Just a Bike". I'm so clever people at major bike corporations are crying and thinking about how to steal all this. Others will go about their business and that's great, I can respect that. So in this photo this bike is not completed and keep in mind apart from my studies I'm new at this, but I'm doing good, I think I'm starting to get B's and B+'s instead of f's and d's and c's. Soon I'll do A+ work. Anyway here is Abike JAB. Current Music sounds good at 11

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