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Daylight Savings time revalations.

You know time rolls on when you're waiting for the song to start. Anyway, so this above photo was taken at 10is am. Oh, wait, let me let you in on what I'm talking about. There's a famous post from three sixty bike shop called "the truth" about three sixty bike shop. The post waxed poetic about the challenge of lighting the store so that it looks good.

Until now, I have not been able to figure out why the store sometimes looks so crazy. With the clocks rolling back and it being darker outside earlier it has been reveled that the problem with the store isn't our lighting but how much light actually comes into the building. So as proof, and take this as funny speech, so as proof, I rolled up to the store around 6pm after the clocks changed and was like "whoa". And then, when I was inside the store, I was like "dang". And then I was like "whoa dang wow". Basically the store is lit fine but so much light is coming in the windows that things tend to have the weird presence, kinda like a photo being burned out. I But here's the great conundrum, but maybe it's easy to solve, but also maybe implementing the solution is complicated. So I could tint the windows, that would be a good fix for letting less light in. It would maybe look better than blinds. It would be neat to have auto blinds but I'm sure that's tough. But anyway, the good news is that we know how to address the lighting issue. It's just the kind of story this is. More painting soon.

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