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Right now there's a lot of snow and it's been a great time to focus in on some of the tools that build the frames, and to redo/make them better. One thing to keep in mind is that this photo is not going to be representative of the reality of the bike shop. You might see this photo and think , OMG, that bike shop has a photo of some stuff, but it's not the golden hour image I was looking for. Sorry, anyway, it's important for you, the reader, to be able to separate a random internet blog from the reality of the store. The store is a bike shop, which for as long as I have been alive, have been places that fix bikes, and have bikes and bike stuff. Even though we're family owned and operated and I write a random blog, none of that matters. We try to keep the American Standard of doing business in practice. What does that mean? That means that we try to smile, and see what kind of service you're looking for. We try to make checking in your bike as seamless and painless as any other business. So, our bike shop has bikes and bike stuff, and fixes bikes. And we're working towards other things that might head out of a bike shop's sphere, but also is related. Which brings me to why I'm writing this article. I was a B student who quit college before they started and had no dreams other than trying to marry some punk rock chick and be a some kind of BMX rock star. And at 24 I started a bike shop. I went forward and carried out my dreams. I wanted more and did everything I could to make it happen. So you might be a young man out there who people don't think is worth anything, but if you've got an idea of the direction you're heading, do what you need to do to make things happen. Now I'm 38 and I'm starting to build bicycle frames. And while I always believed I was capable, I didn't realize I would be building machines, tools, designing processes and more. Part of me is glad I got a B in school because a lot of what I learned is coming into play. Math is so important. I know a lot of us have no hopes for ourselves and think we're so worthless we're never going to use math, but we're also the type of people who do things, and for doing things, you'd be surprised how much math comes into play. I posted this photo because it's for me to think of all the things I've gotten into trying to build bicycles frames, and how much I've learned. I know for me starting and working the business I felt pretty accomplished, and honestly people made me feel that way. It was an accomplishment. However, I didn't accomplish everything for everyone, so being humble is important. These recent years have really put into perspective how hard some people really work. I recommend to any young person who doesn't fit the mold to keep going and keep learning no matter what. I was surprised at how many measurement tools I needed, how much knowledge of chemistry I needed, and more. It's really hard doing things on your own, but thankful for us, we live in a great place, where you can nearly afford to get nearly anything you need, and where we're all so eager to spread information. Without the United States of America and it's people, I wouldn't have been able to accomplish anything. At the end of the day, building a bike frame production area will be of my doing, but I wouldn't have been able to do anything without all the people who supported us over the years, and all the people who show up and do their jobs and all that stuff. It's crazy. And that's why I wanna try to reach younger people. You have a lot of opportunities ahead, and you can get after it. It's not all going to happen overnight, you're not going to wakeup and be Americas next golden boy who is just too good to be true. You're going to have to work and work and work even when you don't feel like it, but you can live how you want.

It's a crazy time the last few years, the path of success for me use to be to "move units". While I never really thought of it like that, there are rooms where people just need to move units and all this and that. And for me, moving units puts me at the bottom of a multi level marketing thing where there's weird competition and indecent behavior, and just a general ridiculous need to move units. I don't really want cycling and riding bikes to be like that. It's been a long road to be able to get to this point and hopefully I can keep it going. I am going to make nice bike frames. I am going to run a nice bike shop. I am going to be a good person. I am going to play well with others. I am going to build my business and contribute to making the world a better place. I don't spell check or edit these blogs because they're not worth anything, they're literally just there for content on a bike shops website, because apparently if you're not producing any kind of content you're not a relative human. Current Music

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