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Abike Frame Review

002 Started off with promise, but it gave a clear view into what in the process was going on. However, to further testing and techniques it was important to build 002 to test, and improve. The first thing that went wrong on one of these chain stays was that the pipe had over heated and there was some unwanted change there, but not to be wasteful we just kept it going. The next thing is that it had a redesigned dropout and that math didn't work out in the end. This resulted in some modification. Because of the poor quality of the heat job on the chain stay, welding to the bottom bracket became super not fun, and the seat tube got botched because of inadequate tooling. But still not to be wasteful, we kept the build going. It's important to see what does work. This frame worked and didn't break despite harsh attempts at trying This goes to show that when the product is constructed properly, there will be no issues because if issues didn't develop on a botched frame, then it's hard to foresee higher quality frames failing. I'd show you some of the things but it's not important. There were several critically weak points that didn't fail and over all this is a good thing. As of now, both 001 and 002 frames are stripped down and being inspected. 003 is set to begin testing soon. 003 is an improved version of 001 and 002, and it also proves the new build process is working pretty well. A lot of new tools and processes were introduced for 003, and the future looks bright for being able to improve upon existing tools and processes. 003 also features an incorrect drop out design. However, many of it's concepts worked. It will need to be corrected by 004. 004 will now include a redesigned seat tube and seat tube junction. So 004 should be a a fairly good frame considering 003 is at least 35 times better then 001 or 002. I'm excited to test 003. It's the closest thing to the mark we're aiming at currently. It's hard for a lot of people to get excited about cycling but it's a good way to enjoy an open road or roads, and the weather and stuff.

Abike Jab, 003

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