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3.5 Years Later

I have been on a move of the store kick recently. Yesterday I was cleaning up after a busy summer and realized that I was putting a tool box away that had to find a temporary home from when it was being used in March. Back then I was in the middle of creating the productions area for the frames we're going to build in the shop.

Location Location Location is something you hear preached all the time in business, while it is important, now with the internet and google it's not as important as it used to be. When I we started out I kinda cowboyd it and I went and found a for rent sign and rented it, well, the spot next to it, saved some money. I had to do a lot of remodeling to make the spot work, it was an office space with bad carpet and I turned it into a store/shop over the years. I learned a lot from that. As I write this the cursor keeps jumping around. Hard to beleive there would be that many technical errors. Anyway, I read in remodeling guide that you can always be smarter than your space and well, that's good, space probably isn't a beacon of intellegence sometimes. Anyway again. I stumbled upon this on google maps, a kinda before and after of the building. It really put in persepctive as to why my hands hurts. Now I didn't work on the building alone, it's been a group effort however I probably did a lot of the heavy lifting. When we moved here we had just enough money to get the building and make a few repairs and hold our own going into the summer months. We had a great moving party in the way that I mean that a lot of people were really supportive. Anyway, one of the repairs that needed made was the gutters. I knew vines had gotten behind them but I didn't realize how bad the leak was. It was 35 and raining and I had to clean the gutters out and repair them so the store could open on schedule. This really f'd my hands up. I wore gloves until I realized the gloves were jsut getting wet and causing more problems. I learned that day that wasn't a situation that can be easily healed. Another time I was working in an old room and was dismantling it, it was a wall, attached to a brick wall, and I had a gap between the wall and the brick wall, but the wall was not loose, it wanted to return to the brick wall, I can't remember the exact details, but I remember something went wrong, the wall snapped back to the brick wall and smashed a finger in there. My finger was firmly clamped in there and I had dropped the drill which was my only method of escape. I was on a ladder, at the top of the wall thinking my only way out might be to loose the finger because I couldn't reach anyone. I can't remember how I got out but I was proud of myself. Yes, there are proably more and more stories, like how hard it was to powerwash and seal the parking lot or what it's like to paint the roof in the middle of summer or I rememer Jaime having to scrap Super Sub off the top of the builging using a blow torch and scrapper thing. I remember being to bold to wear ear protection as I used a concrete saw to remove a wall... that wasn't smart at all. Overall we made this building a lot better, and that's what we do to your bikes. If you need your bike tuned, which I always reccomend a tune up because the bike works as a system so having everything set up is primo, bring your bike and get a tune up. Ok. Thanks for reading this novel post.

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