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Break the Cycle
Celebrating those in addiction recovery and remembering those lost to the disease by promoting togetherness with routes of 24/50/70 flat to very hilly miles.
Wright Wride
Routes of 25/50/60/100 miles explore beautiful flat to rolling countryside with visits to small towns and villages around Cedarville
Union County Covered Bridge Cycling Tour
Enjoy the low-traffic, gently-rolling roads of Union County on the way to see authentic covered bridges. The 32-, 63-, and 72-mile routes will include visits to the area’s most beautiful historic covered bridges.
Bike the Cbus
A city-wide adventure since 2008, a tour for all ages and abilities. The 30-mile flat route will highlight Columbus landmarks using a combination of trails and road riding.
West Jefferson
Routes of 33/66/100 miles travel the winding scenic flat to rolling terrain of rural Madison and Franklin Counties. Refreshment stops will be available, and a coupon offered for an “Ox Roast” sandwich after the ride at the town festival.
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